Purpose of Your Web Site


Build a Web Site that meets your Needs

Whether you are building a new site or replacing an existing site, it is recommend that you establish a budget for the process. You should take a quick inventory of your existing content—including your graphics (such as Logos and printed materials).. If you have a brochure in hand. You don’t want to pay someone to repeat what you already have done.

What is the purpose of the new web presence?” Brand Awareness is a tradition starting purpose.All business struggle to gette business name out there. If our business is not at street level on a busy street, this is a trick. Thanks to search engines lke Google, this task is madee a bit easier. Of course, there are several tricks that can be employed that are not known by everyoe and not avail to packaged hosting soutions.

Next you may want to expand business. You may want to use the web site to support business processes and also provide key information.

We do web development with a very popular web tool called WordPress. It is widely available. We use a common development theme called Divi which speeds your development time and lowers the cost to get a strong web site.

The reason this is important is that there are WordPress “Plugins” that can be added to your site that are designed to perform hundreds of common business web-based functions. The plugins are design to adapt the design look of the hosting site. There are scheduling plugins, restaurant ordering plugins, shopping site plugins, hotel plugins, and even membership and plugins.