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I don’t know if you have heard the statement, a journey starts with a single step. That appiles fir Web presence development. One needs to just get started. Talk to people who know what they are doing. The key is that you don’t have to do much more than a couple of days worth of work and you are on the way.

Have you lost control of your Domain?

Over the years, we have worked with dozens of people have lost control of their domain. We will gladly walk you through options that are available providing you with multiple tracks to run on that gets the business or origination alive again on the web and mitigating most damage.

The primary goal is to get the customer to the pont where all web assets are in their own control. To often people turn control over to business entities that my not have the client’s best interests at heart. 

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If your web site was created several years ago and you are now   you are winder in if there are possible improve that can made to your web site  that will improve your business or organizations visibly/ Older web designs focused heavly on look and often failed to proper cater to search engines which makes your efforts a waste of time and money.

Addition importantly is checking  important opportunities that can be had on social media. These c big be a great business playground leveler. You can gain a great advantage using social media for your scarce advertising dollars. 

Using Videos to attract eyeballs on Facebooks

If you want Facebook users to see your ads,t the best approach is to create videos which Facebooks likes to show to your target audience, We can budget under $50 a month to get 750 to 1,500 pairs pf eyes during that period.

The best use is to grow your list of users who like your Facebook page.  The video below has been seen by over 6,000 people who either live or works within a mile of the restaurant advertising.


Use Google to put your business on Main Street

There are very important strategies to be apply in web design that will improve a web site search engine’s visually. 

It is important that this is not lost on you when you come up with your web plans. Certainly, should work towards a good looking web site. So So often, focus first on looks will bury a web site. Unless you are using the web site as an online brochure, let us tell you how we can game eyeballs. It starts with the web site content–flowing through social media and then Google setup.
See how a small site can get 4,000 views per week with a good strategy.

What are you buy with  “Bundle Pricing?”

If you have been awake during the past five years, you know tat GoDaddy and Network Solutions will gladly quickly sell you a domain. You go on line with your card in hand and start the process What you realizing quicker is that they will be offering you all sort of addition  services. They will offer you domain protection; web hosting; site designing or free do-it yourself design; search engine optimization; and marketing. Before you know what’s happening, you are being offer a chance to spend $250 to $500 for the next year.

Just like with your cable bill, GoDaddy and Network Solutions bundling a packed of services, you find that you will be over paying for services and not seeing it. Clearly, the providers are giving you a decent budget for way more services and marketing.